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Congressman Tom Garrett

Tom earned both his Bachelor’s and Law Degrees from the University of Richmond, and began his service to our country with six years in the Army. During that service he honed his leadership skills, had an opportunity to work with great American patriots, and fight for the Constitutional rights we hold dear.

In 2011, Tom was elected as the state senator for the 22nd district. Tom emerged victorious from a spirited 5-way nomination contest and subsequently won a resounding general election contest against an accomplished Democrat opponent, despite being outspent nearly 2-to-1.

In the Senate, Tom has focused on expanding liberty, reclaiming our Constitutional rights, fiscal responsibility and restraint, and common sense reductions in the size and scope of government. Tom is not afraid to stand alone on an issue when he believes it is the principled thing to do. In 2015, Tom was the lone no vote in the Virginia Senate on the final budget bill after arguing that it included wasteful spending and put the state into competition with private and small business owners.

Senator Garrett was recently elected to Congress representing Virginia’s 5th District.

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